PF Flock Adhesive

PF Flock Adhesive


PF Flock Adhesive

It is a phthalate free based adhesive used to achieve an elastic and soft touching lock effect in textile printing.


• PF Flock Adhesive can be easily used or colored lock application.
• I under the advised conditions is fixed, wash fastness is high.
• 3% PF series plastisol crosslinker should be mixed into the mixture.
• It is phthalate free. However, it is not suitable to ecological standards due to containing PVC. It should be double cured.
• It is fixed at (320°F /160°C) , 1,5mins and twice o (320°F /160°C) or 3 minutes.

• PF Flock Adhesive is manufactured or lock printings.
• The most important thing to take care o after you print PF Flock Adhesive on the surface o the fabric is that the printed fabric should be laid on a metal plate and the lock powder should be sprinkled with a grounded locking machine. That is because, the better the lock powder holds the print on the fabric the best washing fastness is achieved. After PF Flock Adhesive is printed on the surface o the fabric, the desired lock powder is sprinkled with a locking machine and the fabric is cured as advised. In the end you achieve the lock effect.
• Never use water to reduce the viscosity. Before usage, please stir the product well. Do not use any additives that are not advised.


Fabric Types
All kind of fabrics

10 / 20 / 25 Kg.

Mesh No.
43-90 mm.

50-70 V Type

Curing Time

with Synthetic Thinner

Health & Safety
MSDS available on request

[(25 °C/77°C) sp: 7, rpm: 2 Brookfield ] : 1.800.000 – 1.900.000 [mPa.s]

1,15 g/cm3 (25 °C/77°F)

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