Sustainability is our commitment to both our own organization, our production, our logistics, and the products and services we offer to brands, retailers and their industry partners. Uras’s commitment to leadership in the sector of sustainability is hidden in our values. The balance between economic success, environmental protection and social responsibility has been at the heart of our corporate culture for decades. This approach applies to all business units and functions.

We protect our most valuable resource Water

Water is vital in the production and use of our products. A basic requirement for Uras.

Reduction of water use in production

Water safety is possible and it is possible to reverse the water, we have rearranged our production processes and designed our new facilities accordingly. Our R&D, Engineering and Production teams continue to develop innovations in water treatment technology for cleaning / sanitation and filtering / tuning.

Work to achieve low waste

We will not send any production waste to the future and waste collection area. This is the main objective of our long-term vision. Thanks to our innovative ideas and our partnerships, we have come a long way in a short time. But we know we have a lot of work to do! Our facility in Turkey are working with almost low production waste.

Working with renewable resources

We believe that renewable energy should be followed and used with responsibility. For this, we explore new forms of efficient use, collaborate with experts, work for the future. Our goal is to improve the lives of future generations. This perspective and the sense of responsibility require long-term thinking about the use of renewable resources that we increase with each passing day. We emphasize our sensitivity on this subject at every opportunity because if our collective behavior is not focused on preserving, we are aware that a resource that is “renewable” today may “disappear” tomorrow.

One day we use 100% renewable energy in all our facilities.