Uras chemical was born as a chemical materials and textile inks distributing company in 1997 in İstanbul. The company, which supports the needs of the domestic textile market since its establishment, continued its existence with the sale and marketing of high-quality impregnating printing inks.

Planning The Production

After a 5 years reputation in the textile market in Turkey, Uras, who realize the needs of the market with the resulting experience in textile chemicals, began its work in order to plan the production of products that are needed. The company started R&D studies in order to make production as soon as possible.

First Production

After one year of R & D, Uras Kimya was ready for production. The company, which launched its first products in 2003, has taken steps as a leader on the market for screen and rotation printing inks and printing chemicals.

First Raw Material Production

Uras added raw materials used in its production range and has started to produce all the raw materials of its production inhouse.

Digital Printing Ink

Digital printing has become a trend in the world after the development of printing technologies. Our R & D team has completed the work of digital printing inks and our first digital printing ink brand, FitJet, was born on this date.

Reactive Printing INK

Having succeeded in becoming a pioneer in technological innovations, Uras Chemical has launched its Digital Reactive ink brand, TYJET.

International Sales

Uras has been able to respond to international demands after the establishment of the export department and foreign branches. The company realized its first sales in 2014 and continues to increase its exports.

International Organic Certification GOTS

In 2015, Uras started to receive the result of its environmentally sensitive policies. GOTS certification process, (one of the most important certificates on behalf of textile products,) has been completed.

EcoPass Certification

Uras Chemical achieved to prove its products’ healthy and environmental sensitivity with Ecopass Certificate.

4000 Ton Monthly Production Volume

Thanks to the investments made in the production facilities, it has managed to increase its monthly raw material and ink production capacity to 4000 Tons and Uras become one of the most important chemical raw materials and printing ink manufacturers of the country.