About Us

Who We Are

Our Company offers a wide range of products for both conventional or digital printing and also manufacture auxiliary chemicals for the world of textile printing market.

With its 22 years of experience and 25.000sqm manufacturing facility which is equipped with latest technology and machinery, Uras Chemical secured its position as the leader of the market in the Turkish textile industry.

At global markets, Uras Chemical expanded its export network to 27 countries with its high product quality.

Our Company, is one of the few manufacturers which produces its own inks, raw materials and binders and this makes us a leader in the textile printing industry.
As a manufacturer, Uras Chemical has created four different brands for different types of textile printing methods:

  • Screen Printing
  • Digital Sublimation Printing
  • Digital Reactive Printing
  • Rotary Printing

How We Feel

As part of the world we live in, our biggest aim is to produce Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic printing inks which are compatible with Human Health, Nature and Eco-System.

Our main principle is to manufacture Nature-Friendly products with Zero Contamination. With this mindset, we put great effort on Recycling Regulations.

With our highly professional team, we invest extensively in Research & Development to innovate more efficient products in order to satisfy our global customers with high quality inks.

We are very confident with the test results of all of our products in Wash-Fastness, Rub-Fastness, Cracking and other necessary tests.

We promise a continuous update at all stages of manufacturing processes with the latest technologies to satisfy its global clients with suitable products for the constantly changing market trends while keeping its nature-friendly policies.