What are the Types of Print Mistakes?

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A) The Lack of Clear Contours:

The edges of the pattern should be sharp, clean and rough. The incineration has to be corrected, the fabric surface needs to be adjusted correctly, or it has been removed because there is not any thickened center in the center.

Before printing, washing, cleaning-dust cleaning, vacuum extraction of dusts, viscosity adjustment of the correct printing paste, adjustment of presses on the press can be achieved.

B) Pattern Shift, The Pattern Does Not Fit:

It is the situation where pattern should not be done in places such as pattern roller or stencil not to make raport settings.

Adjusting the pattern adjustments, not correcting the reproductions, not setting the pattern repetition correctly, and incorrect exposure are the most important reasons.

c) Pat is not transferred to the fabric:

 The color of the motifs in places whiteness, is the case of cuts in the contours.

  • squeegee quality
  • pat consistency is higher than necessary,
  • mold blockages,

It is caused by the fact that the hydrophilicity of the fabric is not constant.

d) Squeegee Line:

This is due to the inability of the squeegee to strip the printing paste uniformly from the pattern rollers or from the pattern.

Roller pressure, the rifle is caused by damage to the mouth.

The dye solution is made by adding the solution to the slurry before filtration.

The fabric is brushed before being fed into the presses, or vacuum is sucked at the inlet of the press.

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