Water Efficiency

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Water Efficiency aims to consume less water without sacrificing quality. water saving can be achieved by reducing the working hours of a process machine that requires process water and / or by installing a process water recovery system. Only in the second approach, Water Efficiency is ensured as the targeted service (water required by the process machine) continues with the saving measure. Therefore, all Water Efficiency measures save water, but not all water savings can result.

By using water more efficiently, you can lower your bills, reduce water consumption of your company and country, and help protect our environment.


Water Efficiency is the fastest way to increase water supply security and reduce water consumption to the end user. It can also benefit from the raw material (especially chemical) and energy efficiency. Thus, it contributes to reducing the cost of the manufacturer.


  • Closed loop reuse of water
  • Automatic water opening and closing valves
  • Recycled water for closed loop
  • Counter current rinse
  • Water leakage reduction
  • Reuse of washing water
  • High-pressure low-volume improvements
  • Process equipment consuming less water
  • Optimization of heating and cooling systems
  • Wastewater treatment

National Goals

Although there is no specific target for Water Efficiency in the private sector, metropolitan municipalities are obliged to reduce water losses by 30% within 5 years from the effective date of the regulation of the ve Control of Water Losses in Drinking Water Supply and Distribution Systems; the rate is the same for other municipalities, but the period for them is 9 years. The Priority Transformation Program for Improving Water Efficiency in Agriculture is in effect, it aims to modernize irrigation systems, to raise awareness of water use and to implement new instruments, but there is no target for the sector. The National Watershed Management Strategy (2014-2023) aims to increase water efficiency, water saving and the efficiency of irrigation systems.

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